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Music Video

Kurian Ondrum

Worked as Associate Director. Involved thoroughly during pre production and production.

Music Video


From conceptualization to direction, editing and colour grading. 

Promo Film


Director and interviewer for the entire campaign in Mumbai. Color consultant for the DOP during the grading sessions.

Feature Film

Archana 31 Not Out

Spot editing and on set colour consultancy for the cinematographer as well as the assistant director handling the costume department.

Short Film


Colour consultancy with the costume department and palette generation for the cinematographer before the shoot as well as colour grading in the right image processing pipeline for Red RAW, correcting on set colour mismatches to adhere to the palette generated.

Short Film

Disha Nakshtrangal

Colour consultancy and on set colour co - ordination to contrast specifically one colour against the rest to aid the story. Spot editing, DIT and editing as well as colour grading.


Music Video


Color grading with some emphasis on day for night shots executed with the help of sky replacements. Shot in Canon RAW.



Audric Watches

Entire pre production process from conceptualisation to story boarding as well as cinematography and editing along with colour grading.

rc still_1.162.1.jpg

Web Series - Pilot

Rubik's cube

Extensive colour consultancy and co - ordination

with costume and art department in tandem with the directors' vision as well as colour grading in the right image processing pipeline for Canon RAW.

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