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Direction | Videography | Editing |
On Set Color Consultancy | Spot Editing | Color Grading

Niranjan Kumar


Brought up in the Middle East he spent his high school years acting and directing skits, plays and musicals. He found his calling on stage in front of large audiences. He finished his PU college with Bio Math at Trivandrum after which he flew to Bangalore to pursue bachelors in film making - something he always wanted to do. He knew the risks associated with it but insisted on listening to his heart - a hack he practises to this day! While in college he discovered the art of colour grading. He instantly gravitated towards it and thought himself node based editing and what colour correction and colour grading really is. Needless to say it took him many sleepless nights just to understand the basics of this post production world. Blackmagic’s Resolve manual was his bible.


He didn’t get to practise his newly acquired skillset outside of tutorials until Sony released its line of mirrorless cameras that could shoot s-log.  As soon as he passed out he landed a job as a lead editor at a studio that focused on mostly doing corporate projects. A year later he joined another production house that focused more on INGO social reform films for which he had to travel to many parts of the country as well as outside the county. During all these years he never left freelancing. He used to direct, edit, shoot many freelance projects. After two years of being the lead editor and camera man he decided it was finally time to pursue his ultimate dream of becoming a full-time professional color grader and as a director that could narrate stories through particularly unique visuals. He left his comforts of a stable regular job for the grilling topsy turvy world of freelancing.


His first major gig was a Malayalam feature film for which he was the spot editor and on set colour consultant. After the shoot, for a break from the gruelling schedule he went on an all India bike tour, camping on road sides and hilltops. This journey was both outward and inward. The former showed him the vast never ending, ever changing landscapes and people of various shades strewn across the country. The latter showed him his pitfalls as a person and his lack of certain life skills. The road thought him how to better himself. Armed to his teeth with all this knowledge he courageously moved from his base and comfort zone - Bangalore.


After some careful considerations and trials he came up with a process for each step of production to get right tonality and look for a project, ultimately helping with a more effective story telling. With each work he applied his learnings from previous experiences and finessed his techniques. Now your project is in for a treat! 


The ocean of knowledge never runs dry. The further one swims the deeper it gets. 


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