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Color Management & Color Grading

We all want our stories to be told in the most effective way possible by

maximising the utilisation of various tools at our disposal.

Color is one such omnipresent but least utilised tool.

Let's use color to open up an entire dimension of

communication and elevate your project's

ideas and emotions to its full potential.

How is it done?

It is a seamless colour management process that spans through all three phases of the production. Each of these phases has its own methodology targeted towards a specific goal that is independent but not exclusive of each other. 

 A palette is made after many discussions and trials. It is then followed as strict as possible while assimilating assets, props and costumes. Devices are executed on set to make sure it is followed through to finally meet its appropriate image processing pipeline before finishing begins.

Image by Quinten Braem

Pre Production

color consultancy

Image by Avel Chuklanov


color consistency

Image by Komarov Egor

Post Production

color grading

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